Coronavirus (COVID-19) Safety Tips for Facility Managers

Elevator and Escalator Tips for Facility Managers Amid the Coronavirus Pandemic

  • Clean and disinfect all elevator buttons and other frequently touched surfaces periodically throughout the day.
  • Post signage letting riders know that all high-touch surfaces are being cleaned on a regular basis to help keep them safe.
  • Post signage asking riders to avoid overcrowded elevators and to practice physical distancing.
  • Provide sanitizing wipes and/or hand sanitizer near elevators and escalators.
  • Stay safe in your home, workplace and in commercial environments by following these valuable tips from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).
  • Stagger arrivals, departures and break times for workers or tenants to manage the number of people needing the elevators and/or escalators at the same time.
  • Place queuing marks in elevator lobbies and near escalators to reinforce physical distancing intervals of six feet. 
  • Consider using stanchions, floor decals, etc. to control elevator and/or escalator traffic. 
  • Place decals on the elevator floor to identify where passengers should stand. 
  • Encourage the use of stairs to help manage overcrowding in elevators and elevator lobbies where feasible. Clean and disinfect stairwells and handrails in response to increased stair traffic. 
  • In elevator cars with minimum dimensions of less than 60 inches by 78 inches, two people can stand in opposing corners.
  • In elevator cars with dimensions greater than 60 inches by 78 inches (standard 300# cars and larger), three people can practice social distancing.
  • In elevator cars with dimensions greater than 72 inches by 72 inches (large service cars), four people - one in each corner - can practice social distancing.
    • Note: elevator cars with a minimum of 6 foot width and depth will meet the intent of the CDC guidelines. 

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