National Elevator Industry, Inc. (NEII)

✦Promotes safety in new and existing building transportation

✦Promotes laws and regulations that permit the introduction of safe, innovative technology

✦Endorses adoption of current model codes by government agencies

✦Advocates responsible laws and regulations at all levels of government.

What is neii

NEII stands for "National Elevator Industry, Inc." We are the premiere Elevator & Escalator association.  NEII's membership is comprised of the largest international companies that manufacture, install, and/or maintain elevators, escalators, and other related transportation products. We provide advocacy, code databases, industry research, and staff expertise.

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  • 5537 SW Urish Road, Topeka,  KS 66610
  • Telephone: 703-589-9985

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  • 111 West 33rd  Street
    22nd Floor New York, NY 10001
  • Josh Laster
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#NEIISafetyChallenge review: Riders should be mindful of and compliant with elevator weight limits posted in each car. The interior size of the elevator car determines its capacity, so if a car is tightly packed with passengers, it is likely exceeding the elevator's weight limit.

While we confirm our #NEIISafetyChallenge winners, let's review the questions! NEII supports the adoption of elevator inspection programs that conform with ASME A17.1/CSA B44 safety code, which is administered by inspectors employed by authorities having jurisdiction.

While we confirm our #NEIISafetyChallenge winners, let's review the questions! Elevator door interlocks ensure doors are closed before a car is allowed to move. Door RESTRICTORS were added to safety code in what year to lock the elevator doors when it's not level with the floor?

🤨 ❔ How well do you know your safety signs? Tell us the correct answer below in the comments! ⬇️ Employers remember to visibly post each sign or label so that all employees know and understand hazards.

It's the last day to enter to win the #NEIISafetyChallenge. Complete our short quiz, learn a little bit about the safety measures on the equipment you ride everyday, and be entered to win!

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Our world-wide affect

We are global


Our members are some of the largest companies in the world that manufacture/install/maintain elevators & escalators.

85% of hours worked

We represent 85 percent of the total hours worked within the industry.

25,000+ U.S. JOBS

NEII members employ more than 25,000 people in the U.S. and indirectly support hundreds of thousands of American jobs in affiliate industries.