we trust each other

Our NEII team is a hand selected group of individual experts working together toward a shared vision. Under the leadership of our Executive Director, Karen Penafiel, our unique working environment results in a group of fast paced, self-directed individuals whose achievements are even more potent when working together. A few of our key ingredients:

  • TRUST: We've assembled a group of experienced professionals who work with determined focus. We trust each other to get the job done and we support each other's initiatives. 
  • DIVERSE EXPERIENCE: Because our make up includes such a wide range of diverse experiences, we've become smarter and more effective because we prioritize collaboration and group problem solving. 
  • REMOTE STRENGTH: We love to joke about airports being our second homes, but it's hardly a joke! Our NEII team works remotely across the U.S. and travels often to meet leaders in different states and/or countries. We consider our remote work an advantage because it gives us the opportunity for more on-location site tours with our member companies. The more industry knowledge we gain, the more effective we become.

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