NEII-1 Access


NEII-1: Building Transportation standards & Guidelines

NEII-1 is a set of building transportation standards and guidelines. Included are architectural and engineering layout standards, electrical standards, performance standards and terminology, modernization guidelines and maintenance guidelines. Architects, engineers, consultants, builders, owners, elevator suppliers and other individuals involved in the furnishing, installation and maintenance of building transportation systems will find these standards an invaluable source of reference and information.

This document is available electronically at no cost and is updated in real-time to keep in step with industry advances. Current standards, forms and information like temporary power guidelines, ASME A17.1/CSA B44 Code data and electromagnetic compatibility guidelines are examples of the resources available in NEII-1. Contact us for the information you need based on the table of contents below.

Contact Senior Director of Codes, Kevin Brinkman for access to NEII-1: Building Transportation Standards & Guidelines

Part 1 - User Information 

User Guide

Specification and Drawing Checklists Building Transportation Equipment



     Mechanical Requirement

     Passenger Elevators

     Freight Elevators

     Escalators or Moving Walks


Flood Requirement Data Form

Seismic Requirement Data Form

Part 2 - Architectural and Engineering Metric Layout Standards (Imperial Layout Standards available by request)

Introduction and Scope


Nomenclature Matrix

Imperial and Metric Reference Charts


General Notes

Hoistway Entrance Details

Guide Rail Bracket Fastening Details

Machine Support Details

Electric Passenger Elevators

Electric Passenger Hospital Elevators

Electric Hospital Elevators

Hydraulic Passenger and Hospital Elevators

Holeless Hydraulic Passenger and Hospital Elevators

Roped Holeless Hydraulic Passenger and Hospital Elevators

Holeless Hydraulic Passenger Elevator Cantilevered Roped

Holeless Hydraulic Passenger Elevator Standard Single Jack

Holeless Hydraulic Passenger Elevator Single Telescoping Jack

Holeless Hydraulic Passenger and Hospital Elevator Telescoping Twin Post

Electric Observation Passenger Elevators

Hydraulic Observation Passenger Elevators

Limited-Use/Limited-Application (LU/LA) Hydraulic Elevator

Roped Hydraulic Private Residence Elevators

General Information for Freight Elevators

Freight Elevators Class A and Class C Entrance Details

Electric Freight Elevators Class A and Class C

Hydraulic Freight Elevators Class A and Class C

Electric Dumbwaiters General Notes

Dumbwaiters Counter Height Loading Entrance Options

Electric Dumbwaiters with Manual Doors

Electric Dumbwaiters with Motorized Hoistway and Car Doors

Esclators General Notes

Escalators Nomenclature


Moving Walks General Notes

Moving Walks Nomenclature

Moving Walks

Part 3 - Architectural and Engineering Imperial Layout Standards (See topics available in Part 2 for imperial measurements)

Part 4 - Electrical Standards

Power Standards

Power Supply Confirmation Data Forms

Temporary Power Supply Guidelines

Temporary Power Supply Confirmation Data Form

Energy Efficiency Guidelines

Electromagnetic Compatibility Guidelines

AC Line Distortion Tutorial

Starts per Hour (SPH) Guidelines

Part 5 - Performance Standards and Definitions (Available in Metric or Imperial measurements)

Introduction and Scope

Performance Terminology Matrix

Destination Oriented Elevator Performance Terminology Matrix

Performance Examples

Vibration Direction Diagram

Performance Standards Matrix, New Elevator Installations

Performance Standards Matrix, New Escalators and Moving Walks Installations

Operational Terminology Matrix

Building Conditions Affecting Elevator Performance

Building Conditions Affecting Escalator Performance

Elevator Traffic Handling Performance Criteria - Destination Oriented Elevators

Part 6 - Modernization Guidelines

Modernization Guidelines

Pre-Modernization Performance Evaluation Form

Pre-Modernization Checklist

Code Data Plate Checklist

Part 7 - Maintenance Guidelines

Maintenance Guidelines

Maintenance Performance Evaluation Form - Elevator

Maintenance Evaluation Checklist

     Electric Elevators

     Hydraulic Elevators

     Escalators and Moving Walks

Maintenance Control Program Guidelines