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Mr. Eric Appana

ES Controls, LLC

47-32 32nd Place

Long Island, NY 11101
Tel: (718) 909-5673

Mr. Fred Bolio

666 Third Avenue
6th Floor
New York, NY 10017
Tel: (212) 983-7010
Fax: (212) 983-7011

Mr. John Bril

2235 W 76th St
Davenport, IA 52806
 Tel: (563) 386-4800

Mr. Scott Harris

521 N Illinois St
Atwood, IL 61913
Tel: (217) 578-2231
Fax: (217) 578-2514

Mr. John Koshak

1016 W Poplar Ave
Ste 106-301
Collierville, TN 38017
Tel: (619) 726-1419
Fax: (901) 414-0175

Mr. Bryan Lewis

3500 E Main Street
Russellville, AR 72802
Tel: (800) 843-1004

Jim Marinelli

4100 N. Powerline Road

Suite I-2

Pompano Beach, FL 33073

Tel: (954) 933-4165

Mr. John Van Vliet

P. O. Box 36027
Amsterdam 1020 MA
Tel: +31-20-4350606
Fax: +31-20-4350626

National Association of Elevator Contractors

1298 Wellbrook Circle
Conyers, GA 30012
Tel: (770) 760-9660
Fax: (770) 760-9714


We think it's a benefit to have a collective voice on certain issues, such as safety, compliance, and introducing new technologies. NEII also helps us work with our colleagues across the industry.

Jesse Matuson - TK Elevator - Member, NEII Government Affairs Committee

The mission of NEII is very important to the overall industry, especially involving safety, code development, and innovation. It gives us a voice among the leaders of the elevator industry to come together, discuss issues, learn, and further the overall mission of the NEII companies.

Tom Vining - Otis Americas - Past President, BOD

Companies are members of NEII for a multitude of reasons, but primarily it revolves around the benefits to our organization and the benefits to the industry itself. With NEII's competent staff they can easily fulfill the needs of our business and other related businesses. They provide proficient and efficient solutions.

Sterrett Lloyd - Draka Elevator Products - Member, BOD

TK Elevator believes that working toward common goals like safety and compliance helps us align and coordinate these issues with a common outcome. Industry reporting gives us valuable insight into industry trends. Also, the code finder and other resources that NEII provides, like the various committees, help drive industry cohesiveness.

Jon McCabe - TK Elevator, Former Member, Board of Directors.

NEII gives voice to the industry, pushing innovation and safety. The expertise of the NEII staff is broad and deep in the elevator industry. Through all of our work on the various committees, NEII is becoming more and more effective at promoting safety and innovation throughout the industry.

Christopher Moore - OTIS Americas

It's all about education. The world of building transportation is rapidly changing, and during that time you need an organization like NEII to help you educate the general public about those changes.

Dennis Van Milligen - TK Elevator

The benefit of having a full-time NEII staff is that they are able to stay focused on action plans and initiatives for the industry. What makes me proud of our affiliation with NEII is watching the improvement in safety measures. As the industry grows, it's really rewarding to see that NEII's work is having a positive impact.

Erik Zommers - Mitsubishi Electric US, Inc. Elevator/Escalator Division, Member, BOD