director of projects & membership 

Since 2014, Megan Hensley has served as NEII’s Director of Projects and Membership. She originally joined NEII to assist with data gathering, organizing information and providing general office support. In 2016, Ms. Hensley transitioned into her current position where she handles a wide variety of tasks from administrative work to detailed research projects. In addition, Ms. Hensley serves as NEII’s meeting coordinator, is the primary liaison to NEII’s member company Elevator Board representatives, and facilitates NEII’s responses to general inquiries. 

Ms. Hensley brings a broad set of skills to her position, including an extremely hard work ethic, the ability to multi-task and problem solve and the talent to handle any situation. Her job is a catchall where she supports all other members of the NEII staff, NEII members and industry partners as needed.

Prior to joining NEII, Ms. Hensley got her degree in Elementary Education with an Endorsement in Early Childhood, while she played Division I volleyball for Northern Arizona University. Ms. Hensley taught preschool and first grade in CO and AZ. She also managed and coached club and high school volleyball teams in CO and AZ. 

megan hensley

keeps the team together & focused

Megan is an astute Director of Projects and Membership for the NEII team. Working remotely can make teamwork challenging. Megan ensures that the team is connected and communicating properly. Her organization and communication skills keep us on track to meet our individual objectives. Since our team travels often, Megan works the details that make our meetings possible. Her work may fly under the radar, but her importance is not overlooked by a team that couldn't do what we do without her. 

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5537 SW Urish Road
Topeka, KS 66610


(703) 589-9985




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