Hoistway Safety

Working in and around hoistways on construction sites presents dangers, and NEII is working to educate other trades to mitigate the risks through awareness and safety tips. Through the analysis of historical data, we know that nearly 70 percent of hoistway incidents that occur on construction sites involve non-elevator industry personnel, which is why NEII's Hoistway Safety Initiative is so important.

Hoistway Safety Initiative

NEII's Safety Committee identified three industry best practice barriers that can be incorporated into the management of construction sites which will not only prevent items from being dropped into the hoistway, but will also protect individuals working or walking near a hoistway when they might trip or slip. There is no "one size fits all" so three options allow the application of the most appropriate barrier for each job. 







A heavy-duty mesh barrier is affixed to the hoistway door frame and hung across the opening along with wooden railings and toe guards.

A solid wooden "box" (which can be flat or several inches deep) attached to each hoistway opening with a door and lock. 

Solid barriers enclose an area with several elevators secured with locked doors.