advocating for a strong business environment

advocating for a strong business environment

As the voice of the industry, the NEII government affairs team, led by Amy Blankenbiller and Dylan Isenberg, builds strong relationships with lawmakers, regulators and industry stakeholders across North America to educate them about building transportation issues, promote key issues, and secure specific actions. In order to accomplish the goals of the NEII membership, the Government Affairs team draws on the entire staff and membership resources to develop and deploy multi-faceted strategies designed specifically for each jurisdiction and issue. Technical information, data and research, strong communication messages and materials, coalitions, legal options and good, old-fashioned one-on-one lobbying are all part of the NEII Government Affairs program as they work towards positive outcomes for the industry as a whole.

key objectives

Successful adoption of the national model codes

Fair & consistent inspection and enforcement 


Protecting customer choice for equipment options


We impact policies that affect every day business operations

The more engagement we receive from our NEII member companies, the stronger our advocacy program.  Our efforts at the federal, state, and local level affect building transportation businesses across the nation. Consider the following questions and let us know if NEII should engage on an issue in your jurisdiction.

  • Is there a policy or practice that has an adverse impact on your business?
  • Is the jurisdiction applying code interpretations and other requirements consistently?"
  • Are the licensing requirements and codes consistent with national industry standards?

contact our GOVERNMENT AFFAIRS team

Amy Blankenbiller

VP of Government Affairs

(703) 589-9813

Dylan Isenberg

Director of Government Affairs

(703) 589-9816

NEII Positions

PROMOTING CHOICE FOR CONSUMERS: NEII supports the adoption of the latest safety-tested  technologies and will advocate for consumers’ choic in the use of code-compliant elevator and escalator designs and equipment.

ALLOWING REMOTE TECHNOLOGIES: NEII supports the use of remote technologies for equipment monitoring, diagnostics, communications, intervention, and other functions that can be undertaken safely.

SUPPORTING CODE REQUIREMENTS: NEII supports the required documentation included in ASME A17.1 (i.e., maintenance logs, etc.) and does not support additional unnecessary maintenance verifications or reporting.

ENCOURAGING INDUSTRY LICENSING: NEII supports state licensing requirements for contrators, inspectors and mechanics. Elevator contractors should be reputable, employ licensing mechanics and have appropriate liability coverage. Elevator inspectors should be QEI-certified. Elevator mechancis should have education, training and experience consistent with the National Elevator Industry Educational Program and industry apprenticeship standards.

COLLECTIVE BARGAINING SHOULD BE PROTECTED: NEII supports the industry’s labor-management collective bargaining agreement (CBA) and will oppose policy activities that might impact the integrity of the CBA.

SUSTAINABILITY: NEII supports the adoption of the latest safety-tested, and code-compliant technology that promotes energy efficiency. NEII supports the elevator industry’s commitment to creating a cleaner, healthier future through technologies and processes that make the world more sustainable and energy efficient.

PROMOTING MODEL INDUSTRY CODES: NEII supports the adoption of the most recent edition of the ASME A17.1/CSA B44 Safety Code for Elevators and Escalators without unjustified modifications in every jurisdiction.

INSPECTORS SHOULD BE HIRED OR DESIGNATED BY AHJs: NEII supports qualified elevator inspectors who are either employed by or a designated representative of the Authority Having Jurisdiction to inspect equipment, witness tests and determine compliance as required by the applicable elevator and escalator safety codes.  

ENCOURAGING TRADE POLICIES TO FACILITATE INDUSTRY PRODUCTION: NEII supports trade policies that promote established supply chains with a proven track record of producing safe and reliable elevator and escalator equipment and can support the needs and demands of elevator and escalator equipment production for the U.S. market.

NEED TO PROTECT SMART TECHNOLOGY ADVANCEMENTS: NEII supports the development of smart technologies that are code-compliant and meet national cybersecurity standards.

PROMOTING ELEVATOR PROGRAMS IN EVERY STATE: NEII supports the establishment of an elevator enforcement program in every state and encourages the application of clear administrative procedures to ensure appropriate public notice and comment and due process to appeal actions as needed.

INDUSTRY REPRESENTATION NEEDED ON STATE BOARDS: NEII supports the establishment of elevator boards, technical advisory committees, and other entities to assist the Authority Having Jurisdiction in the development of rules and regulations governming the building transportation industry and will work to secure representation by a major elevator manufacturer on every such  elevator board or advisory committee.

PROMOTING INDUSTRY’S MODEL LEGISLATION: NEII supports the adoption of the industry’s Model Elevator Law in every state with no deviations.



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