Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resources


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Disclaimer: The information below is compiled to the best of our knowledge and may not include every state or local directive impacting businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic. Information contained herein also should NOT be construed to provide legal advice.

Federal Resources

For current information on COVID-19 prevention in the workplace and for background on the essential critical infrastructure workforce, the following U.S. Federal resources are available.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: COVID-19 Overview and Infection Prevention and Control Priorities in Non-US Healthcare Settings 

Department of Homeland Security, Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency: Essential Critical Infrastructure Workforce Guidance, Version 4.0

Department of Labor, Occupational Safety and Health Administration: Protecting Workers: Guidance on Mitigating and Preventing the Spread of COVID-19 in the Workplace 

 OSHA’s COVID-19 webpage

State, Provincial & Other Resources

Alabama - State is under a Safer-at-Home Order, which was extended until April 9, 2021. Governor Ivey issued guidance on the Safer at Home Order. Alabama's vaccination implementation

Alaska - State is in Phase 3 of "Reopen Alaska Responsibly Plan." Phase 3/4 begins May 22, 2021. Alaska's vaccination implementation


Arizona -  State has paused reopening efforts. Gov. Ducey issued guidelines for business reopenings. Arizona's vaccination implementation


Arkansas - Governor released plans to reopen specific businesses. The state is in Stage 2. Arkansas's vaccination implementation


California -  State is in Stage 2 of its plan to reopen businesses. See county tiered status. California's vaccination implementation

Colorado - See county color-coded status. Colorado's vaccination implementation

Connecticut - CT currently in Phase 2 of reopening order. Travelers must complete the Connecticut Travel Health Form and self-quarantine for 10 days or until a negative COVID-19 test result.  Connecticut's vaccination implementation


Delaware - State is in Phase 2 and reopening efforts have been paused. Delaware's vaccination implementation


District of Columbia - The District issued Reopen DC and is in Phase 2. A 14-day quarantine  travel restriction is in place for travelers coming from high-risk states. D.C.'s vaccination implementation


Florida - State is in Phase 3 of the Plan for Florida's Recovery. Florida's vaccination implementation

Georgia - State's COVID-19 Resource page. Georgia's vaccination implementation

Hawaii - Reopening Memo. HI is in Phase 3 "Act with Care." A 14-day quarantine travel restriction is in place. Hawaii's vaccination implementation

Idaho - Idaho Rebounds sets forth a phased-in reopening plan. The state is in Phase 4. Idaho's vaccination implementation

Illinois -  Restore Illinois breaks the state into five regions and will allow a phased in approach to businesses reopening if certain metrics are met, click here for the dashboard. Every region in the state is now in Phase 4. Illinois's vaccination implementation

Indiana - Exec. Order 20-26, outlines the 5-phased plan "The Roadmap to Reopen Indiana." The state is in Stage 5 of its reopening efforts.  Indiana's vaccination implementation

Iowa - Coronavirus guidance. Iowa's vaccination implementation


Kansas  - "Ad Astra: A Plan to Reopen Kansas." Most counties are on Phase 3, some are in the final phase. Kansas's vaccination implementation

Kentucky - Click here for the state's color-coded map of incidents. Kentucky's vaccination implementation

Louisiana - LA is in Phase 3 of its reopening plan. Louisiana's vaccination implementation

Maine -  Maine is currently in Phase 3. Maine's vaccination implementation


Maryland - Find status for specific counties here.  MD is in Stage 3 of Getting Back to Business: Maryland's Approach. Maryland's vaccination implementation

Massachusetts - Reopening 4 Phase Approach. State advanced to Step 1 of  Phase 4 on March 22, 2021. The current indefinite executive order has almost all businesses open and no restrictions on construction. Massachusetts's vaccination implementation

Michigan - Elevator Safety Division requests that all test reports be submitted electronically to Safe Start Plan has been amended and many reopening provisions were walked back as a result. The state is now in Phase 4. Construction guidance. Michigan's vaccination implementation 

Minnesota - Gov. Walz announced new easing of restrictions and the state has extended its state of emergency. Minnesota is currently in Phase 3. Minnesota's vaccination implementation 


Mississippi - Governor Reeves issued a  Safe Return Order and all state requirements on businesses have been repealed. Mississippi's vaccination implementation

Missouri - See the Show Me Strong Recovery Plan resources. Missouri's vaccination implementation

Montana - Governor Bullock issued a phased reopening of state businesses and is currently in Phase 2. Montana's vaccination implementation


Nebraska - Gov. Ricketts announced reopening plans and the state is currently in Phase 3. Nebraska's vaccination implementation


Nevada - See Mitigation Measures resources. Nevada's vaccination implementation


New HampshireReopening Guidance - state is in Phase 2. A 14-day quarantine  travel restriction is in place. New Hampshire's vaccination implementation


New Jersey - The Road Back Recovery Guidance. State is in Phase 2. A 14-day quarantine  travel restriction is in place. New Jersey's vaccination implementation


New Mexico - The state has a tiered "Red to Green" system for counties to evaluate COVID-19 risks.  A 14-day quarantine  travel restriction is in place. New Mexico's vaccination implementation

New York - Forward New York Industries Reopening. All regions are in Phase 4. A 14-day quarantine  travel restriction is in place. New York's vaccination implementation

North Carolina - State has issued guidance Staying Ahead of the Curve. North Carolina's vaccination implementation

North Dakota - ND in Green Phase of reopening. North Dakota's vaccination implementation


Ohio -  State has issued guidance Responsible Restart Ohio.  Ohio's vaccination implementation

Oklahoma - Governor issued "Open Up and Recover Safely: a Three-Phase Approach to Open Oklahoma's Economy." Occupational licenses that expire during this emergency shall be extended. Oklahoma is currently in Phase 3 of the reopening plan. Oklahoma's vaccination implementation


Oregon - Oregon has transitioned to a county-based reopening plan.  Oregon's vaccination implementation


Pennsylvania - The state has issued a COVID-19 dashboard. Pennsylvania's vaccination implementation

Puerto Rico - Puerto Rico vaccination implementation

Rhode Island - State is in Phase 3 of its reopening plan. Rhode Island's vaccination implementation 


South Carolina -  Business Resources. Accelerate South Carolina. South Carolina's vaccination implementation

South Dakota - South Dakota's Plan to Get Back to Normal. The state published a list of recommendations for businesses. South Dakota's vaccination implementation

Tennessee - State has issued Updated Business Guidance. Tennessee's vaccination implementation

Texas - Most state requirements on businesses have been lifted. Texas's vaccination implementation

Utah - State has issued Business Resources. Most of the state is in either Low Risk or New Normal phase. Utah's vaccination implementation

Vermont - State has issued a Phased in reopening plan. Vermont's vaccination implementation


Virginia - The state is in Phase 3 of its reopening efforts. Virginia's vaccination implementation

Washington - The state entered Phase 3 - except for Cowlitz, Pierce and Whitman which are in Phase 2 - of the regional phased recovery planWashington's vaccination implementation

West Virginia - Governor issued "West Virginia Strong - The Comeback" . West Virginia's vaccination implementation


Wisconsin - State issued Reopen Guidelines and is in a phased-in reopening approach. Wisconsin's vaccination implementation

Wyoming - Governor implemented state's reopening plan. Wyoming's vaccination implementation