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Reporting to the Central Code Committee, the Architectural Standards Committee is responsible for developing and updating the architectural and engineering standards in the NEII Building Transportation Standards and Guidelines, commonly known as NEII-1.

Central Code

The Central Code Committee provides expertise and guidance on safety code development and application. Members participate in model code and standard writing organizations and working with authorities to develop, maintain and apply safety codes and standards that pertain to building transportation equipment.


The Communications Committee assists in managing elevator industry issues, and manages the association’s brand position and promotes the industry’s contributions through strategic communication practices.


The Coordinating Committee serves as a liaison between NEII's key committees and the Board of Directors to provide a forum to frame issues and target objectives, synchronize committee efforts, align and consolidate overlapping initiatives to streamline resource effectiveness as we work towards the objectives under the direction of the Board.

Field Employee Safety

The Field Employee Safety Committee provides information and guidance to members in the areas of OSHA, loss prevention, worker accident prevention and other subjects that encourage worker safety awareness in the building transportation industry.

Government Affairs

The Government Affairs Committee identifies legislative and regulatory policy objectives and develops advocacy strategies to promote...

Legal Advisory Group

An informal body of members’ in-house lawyers, the Legal Advisory Group reviews and advises on documents, policies, issues and other matters.

Performance Standards

Reporting to the Central Code Committee, the Performance Standards Committee develops industry specifications that can be used as guidelines for building transportation equipment to achieve appropriate performance and maintain code and safety compliance.

Statistics Policy Task Group

The Statistics Policy Task Group is responsible for providing timely collection, reporting, and usage of building transportation industry data.


The Trust Committee is solely responsible for administering the rights and obligations of NEII with regards to the NEII Benefits and Educational Trusts.