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NEII Opens CodeFinder Database to NAEC

SALEM, N.Y. – (January 15, 2009) — The National Elevator Industry, Inc. (NEII) has announced that it will give members of the National Association of Elevator Contractors (NAEC) access to its CodeFinder database. Initially developed for NEII members, NEII’s CodeFinder is a comprehensive online catalog of U.S. and Canadian elevator industry codes, standards and regulations. It is the only online industry resource that provides in-depth information on local codes including accessibility, building, electrical, new, performance and existing elevator, and life safety codes all in one place. CodeFinder also features a directory of code enforcement authorities, their referenced codes and all modifications pertaining to the referenced model code for elevators and escalators.

Since the database was launched in 2006, NEII full regular members have benefited from the easy access that CodeFinder provides to specific codes and standards relevant to the industry. Up-to-date code information is vital and CodeFinder has become an invaluable resource to many NEII member company employees, whether they are field specialists, engineers, manufacturing managers, company attorneys or senior executives.

“NAEC saw the value of a comprehensive code database and expressed interest in NEII’s CodeFinder. Since NEII and NAEC have a long-standing, cooperative relationship, NEII’s Board of Directors decided that opening CodeFinder to NAEC would not only strengthen their existing relationship, but also provide NAEC’s members with numerous benefits,” says Ed Donoghue, managing director, NEII.

NAEC’s members primarily consist of those in the industry that serve the interests of independent elevator contractors and independent suppliers. By providing NAEC members with CodeFinder access, NEII is able to share this important resource with a broader industry audience. This more widespread access to CodeFinder is of great value to NAEC’s members and helps to promote further awareness of the various codes.

Through CodeFinder, NAEC members will be able to search for a range of codes, their local interpretations and any modifications to them, as well as view historical data. CodeFinder also allows members to receive e-mail updates on code changes, helping them to stay even more informed on critical modifications. “NAEC’s membership will now be able to quickly research and reference information on the codes that affect the industry and are most relevant to their particular occupation,” says Steven DeGrenier, president, NAEC. “CodeFinder is a one-of-a-kind industry resource, and one that we look forward to fully utilizing.”

NAEC members can access CodeFinder after logging into the NAEC member area at For more information on CodeFinder, please visit

About NEII
The National Elevator Industry, Inc. is a national trade association that represents the interests of corporations, firms or companies that, as part of their regular business, manufacture elevators, escalators, or moving walks (including parts and components); or, install, repair and maintain related equipment. Trust membership is available to those corporations, firms, or companies who, as part of their regular business, employ members of the International Union of Elevator Constructors (IUEC) and contribute to the benefit trusts (Trusts) established by agreements between the IUEC and NEII. NEII promotes safe building transportation and works with various organizations on the formation, adoption and enforcement of the latest codes and standards. For more information about NEII, log on to

About NAEC
Founded in 1950, The National Association of Elevator Contractors is an association serving primarily the interests of independent elevator contractors and independent suppliers. With more than 700 members including contractors, suppliers and professionals, NAEC seeks to promote safety and reliability in the elevator, escalator and short-range transportation industry. For more information about NAEC, log on to