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NEII Launches Comprehensive Elevator CodeFinder Database

One-of-a-Kind Industry Resource Available to All Employees of NEII Full Regular Member Companies
SALEM, NY, September 25, 2006 — The National Elevator Industry, Inc. (NEII) Central Code Committee has announced that its comprehensive online catalog of U.S. and Canadian elevator industry codes, standards and regulations-the long-anticipated NEII CodeFinder Database-is now operational. NEII Full Regular Members can easily locate all local codes, including accessibility, building, electrical, new and existing elevator and life safety codes, regulations, and laws applicable throughout the United States and Canada. Accessible through the MEMBER area of the NEII Web site (, CodeFinder also features a directory of code enforcement authorities, their referenced codes and all modifications pertaining to the referenced model code for elevator and escalators.

“Three years in the making, the NEII CodeFinder database is an invaluable, one-of-a-kind resource for every level of North American elevator industry professional, from field personnel and engineers to manufacturing managers, company attorneys and senior executives,” said Edward Donoghue, Administrator of NEII. “For the first time, there is now a single source for all NEII Full Regular Member companies and their employees to search and find accurate, up-to-date information on all the local codes, standards and regulations that affect the industry.”

Updated quarterly to provide the most current information and code modifications, the NEII CodeFinder Report Catalog provides convenient categories for querying the CodeFinder database.
For example:

    • Field personnel will find information relevant to their jobs in the Enforcement Authority for a Jurisdiction and the Code Information for a Jurisdiction sections.
    • Engineers will find the Model Code Modifications by Edition and Requirement Number, the Model Code Modifications by Requirement Number, and the Word Search sections especially useful.
    • Factory personnel can use the Code Information for a Jurisdiction and the Model Code Adoption by Edition sections to access reliable information.
  • Industry attorneys will appreciate the Enforcement Authority for a Jurisdiction and the Code Information for a Jurisdiction reports, especially the historical information. All the queries return their results in an Acrobat file that can be saved to the user’s computer.

In addition to the online database, CodeFinder is supported by dedicated NEII CodeFinder Editors who can answer questions and quickly correct any errors in the database. Members can also tailor their personal profile options to receive weekly e-mail notifications of updates to the NEII CodeFinder database. All reports can be easily stored or printed for off-line use, and outdated information is archived for future reference or historical analysis.

“NEII CodeFinder goes well beyond the usual parameters of comprehensive industry databases,” said Donoghue. “What members are especially excited about is the fact that it’s interactive, historical and very easy to use and understand. We are truly excited about the affect this tool will have on our industry and in growing NEII’s membership.”

Existing, Full Regular Members can access the password-protected database through the MEMBER area of the NEII Web site. If your company is not a Full Regular Member you can view sample reports under the CODE & SAFETY section of the NEII home page. Non-members or Associate members interested in the CodeFinder database should contact their corporate officer and ask them to complete a NEII application form for Full Regular Membership located under the MEMBER section of the NEII home page.

About NEII

The National Elevator Industry, Inc. is a national trade association representing the interests of corporations, firms or companies that, as part of their regular business, provide or perform any of the following: manufacture (including parts or components used by others in the manufacture, repair or maintenance), install, repair and maintain elevators, escalators, moving walks and related equipment. Trust membership is available to those corporations, firms, or companies who, as part of their regular business, employ members of the International Union of Elevator Constructors (IUEC) and contribute to the benefit trusts (Trusts) established by agreements between the IUEC and NEII. NEII strives to become the leader in promoting safe building transportation, as well as working with local government agencies to encourage the adoption and enforcement of the latest codes and standards.