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NEII and BOMA Representatives to Give Elevator Egress Presentation at 2005 BOMA Conference

Presenters to Touch on the Past, Present and Future Behind the Use of Elevators for Egress During a Fire
When: Presentation date: Monday, June 27th, 2005, 3:30pm Conference dates: June 25-28, 2005

Who: Edward Donoghue, secretary and codes and safety consultant, NEII Larry Perry, architect and codes consultant, BOMAWhat: BOMA International Annual Conference and Office Building Show

Where: Anaheim, CA

Why: Edward Donoghue and Larry Perry will present the “Use of Elevators For Egress in a Fire” at the 2005 BOMA Conference. A comprehensive look at the use of elevators in emergency situations, the program will feature the reasoning behind this procedure by evaluating past emergency evacuations, the current progress, as well as its future development. Both presenters’ industry experience and knowledge provide an in-depth discourse on the importance of this emergency procedure as an effective and necessary means for future evacuations.

The Building Transportation Standards and Guidelines, NEII-1

Salem, NY – Work is currently underway to update NEII-1-2000 by the NEII Standards and Performance Standards Committees. The National Elevator Industry, Inc. will be publishing a revised edition of the Building Transportation Standards and Guidelines, NEII-1 in mid 2005. The following are some of the significant additions NEII will be including in NEII-1-2005:

• MRL Elevator, Architectural, Engineering, Dimensional and Performance Standards.

• Seismic/Flood Requirements Confirmation Form.

• ASME A17.1 Code Data Plate Checklist.

• Temporary Power Standards and Confirmation Form.

• Electromagnetic Compatibility Guidelines.

The current architectural, engineering, dimensional and performance standards are also being revised to comply with the latest ASME A17.1 and NFPA 70 Codes and to harmonize with ISO 18738, Measurement of Lift Ride Quality Standards.

Companies with products they want NEII to consider when establishing the architectural, engineering, dimensional and performance standards are encouraged to contact NEII. NEII’s objective is to include all relevant products when establishing standards.