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Edward A. Donoghue to Receive the ASME Melvin R. Green Codes and Standards Medal

NEW YORK, Oct. 22, 2004 – Mr. Edward A. Donoghue, a resident of Salem, N.Y., and president of Edward A. Donoghue Associates Inc., Code and Safety Consultants, will be honored by ASME. He is being recognized for over 30 years of commitment to the development and promotion of safety codes and standards for elevators and escalators; for the contribution of technical expertise; and for leadership in the formulation of policies and procedures. He will receive ASME’s Melvin R. Green Codes and Standards Medal.

The medal honors the memory and extraordinary contributions of Melvin R. Green, an ardent supporter of industrial standards and longtime employee of the Society. It recognizes outstanding contributions to the development of documents, objects or devices used in ASME programs of technical codification, standardization and certification. The award will be presented to Donoghue during the 2004 International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition, which is being held in Anaheim, Calif., Nov. 13 through 19.

After owning his own electrical and building construction business, Donoghue began his career in the building transportation industry, in 1968, with the City of White Plains, N.Y. He was in charge of the elevator code enforcement program for the City and, in that position, enforced ASME A17.1 Safety Code for Elevators and Escalators.

In 1976, Donoghue went to work for National Elevator Industry, Inc. (NEII), the industry trade association, as manager of codes and safety. His responsibilities included directing, controlling and coordinating all elevator and escalator safety codes and standards activity, including the development of industry architectural, engineering and performance standards. He oversaw development of industry safety standards for field employees and was the principal representative and industry spokesman to national and local codes and standards writing committees and government agencies.

In 1989, he formed Edward A. Donoghue Associates (EADAI), Codes and Safety Consultants. EADAI provides professional consulting services to the elevator industry, architects, engineers, legal profession, building owners and governmental agencies on national and international codes and standards and safety, relating to the design, manufacturing, installations, testing, inspection, maintenance, alternation and repair of building transportation equipment.

An ASME member, Donoghue has been an outstanding contributor to the ASME codes and standards activities since 1974, when he was asked to join the A17 Executive Committee and chair the ASME A17 Inspectors’ Manual Committee. Today, he is a member of the A17 Elevator and Escalator Standards Committee and currently serves as chair to several and a member of more than a dozen subcommittees.

Donoghue is a member of several technical organizations and serves on numerous codes and standards writing committees under the auspices of the American Society for Engineering Education, National Fire Protection Association and the International Code Council, among others. In 2003, he was elected vice chair of the ANSI A117 Committee on Architectural Features and Site Design of Public Building and Residential Structures for Persons with Disabilities.

Donoghue is the author of eight editions of the ASME A17.1 Handbook, two editions of ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) and Building Transportation, as well as numerous papers and articles.

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